Below you will find some particular questions that we are often asked.  If you have a question about the webzine or press please refer to the FAQ's below.  If you still cannot find the answer after that, feel free to send us an email at:  pink.celestial.dreams@gmail.com

Question: Will you be accepting manuscript submissions in the future?
Answer:  No!  We are done with manuscripts and book publishing.  You can still find previously published books in the bookstore but no new books will be published.

Question:  Does your magazine accept submissions by men?
Answer:  Yes, as long as the work is about women or women's issues.

Questions:  Do you accept R-Rated material?
Answer:  We accept erotica material, but ask that it is classy.  We DO NOT accept literature or art that is reminiscent of pornography or degrading towards women whatsoever!

Question:  Do you get paid to run the magazine?
Answer:  No, it is a labor of love.  Our books are priced low.  A percentage of the royalties accrued go to the authors.  The other percentage goes toward paying editors and for future advertisement.

Question:  Do you charge to read manuscript submissions?
Answer:  No, we will read your submission free of charge.

Question:  Will you benefit financially from publishing my book?
Answer:  We will read, edit, format and create the cover of your book free of charge.  We only get paid in royalties for our work, once the book begins to sell.  Thus, we are never guaranteed a payment at all.  However, if the book sells, we get a small percentage of the royalties that goes toward advertisement, editing, and sometimes assistance with cover art.  So, no, we do not benefit financially.  We enjoy working, aiding women with publication, and that is our payment.

Question:  Do you accept simultaneous submissions?
Answer:  No.  We accept work that has been published previously.  And you can publish your piece somewhere else after we use it.  However, we do not accept work that is currently in print somewhere else.

Question:  Will you accept a book submission for a previously published book?
Answer:  Yes, as long as there is no other contract that currently holds legal rights to the book.  And as long as no one else is currently publishing the book anywhere, including you!  The book must NO LONGER be available in print.

Question:  Will you publish my work more than once?
Answer:  Yes, you are free to submit as often as you'd like.  We will also publish more than one book, if you have multiple books that we feel are fitting and worthy.

Question:  Are you currently hiring for staff positions?
Answer:  No, we are a tight-knit group of women who have founded and run the magazine and press.  Nor do we get paid for our work on the magazine.

Question:  How many issues of the webzine will you publish a year, and when will they be published?
Answer:  We publish blogzine posts on a weekly basis Monday through Wednesday.   And we publish a monthly magazine Think Pink four times a year:  January, April, July, and October.

Question:  How often do you publish new books?
Answer:  On a season basis, every four months:  November, March, July.