Sunday, August 6, 2017

Poetry Prompt #46: What Would Zimmer Be?

Paul Zimmer once wrote a poem titled, What Zimmer Would Be, which was really a poem about the chosen professions of his childhood whims:

What Zimmer Would Be

When asked, I used to say,
“I want to be a doctor,”
Which is the same thing
As a child saying,
“I want to be a priest,”
“I want to be a magician,”
Which is the laying on
Of hands, the vibrations,
The rabbit in the hat
Or the body in the cup,
The curing of the sick
And the raising of the dead.
“Fix and fix, you’re all better,”
I would say
To the neighborhood wounded
As we fought the world war
Through the vacant lots of Ohio.
“Fix and fix, you’re all better,”
And they would rise
To fight again.
But then
I saw my aunt die slowly of cancer
And a man struck down by a car.
All along I had really
Wanted to be a poet,
Which is, you see, almost the same thing as saying,
“I want to be a doctor,”
“I want to be a priest,”
“I want to be a magician.”
All along, without realizing it,
I had wanted to be a poet.
Fix and fix, you’re all better.
- Paul Zimmer

Now it's your turn!  When you were a child, what did you want to be when you grew up?  If you can't recall, then write about something you once remember pretending to be as a child.  Was it a cowboy or a princess?  Maybe something more grand, like a Tibetan monk or Santa Claus.  Whatever it was, re-explore it.  Write a poem about just one, or like this poem, throw a few in the mix and see what the results are.

You can read more about Paul Zimmer HERE.