Wednesday, October 14, 2015

100 Fun Things To Do (When You're Stuck Inside)

This past summer, it literally rained for 20 days...stopped...then rained for about 30 more days.  No, I am not joking!

Last winter was not much different as we were bombarded with nearly three feet of snow!  It took nearly a week to clear the roads...then it snowed again.

Cabin fever is real.  The boredom just about took me out, ladies (and gentleman!).

In my quest to fill the brain-void of all these unbearably dreary days cooped up inside my town apartment, I came up with this list for my rainy-day woes.  No more I'm-stuck-inside blues!

The next time you find yourself overwhelmingly bored during that vicious winter storm or the hazy waterlogged days of Spring (and Summer, in my case), perhaps you can refer to this list in hopes of some fun inside entertainment!

100 Fun Things To Do (When You're Stuck Inside)

1.  Read a creepy book by candlelight...I dare you!

2.  Clean out your closet.

3.  Put together a jigsaw puzzle.

4.  Put on your favorite pj's, gather some junk food and have a movie marathon.

5.  Call an old friend for a long-overdue conversation.

6.  Write some letters, they are becoming a lost art!

7.  Make some of your own art (draw, collage, doodle).

8.  Write a huge To-Do list of all the things you need to do, start working!

9.  Cuddle up on the couch with some hot cocoa/coffee/tea and read a magazine.

10.  Reread your absolute favorite book ever.

11.  Take a luxurious bubble bath...with candles, a nice drink, and your favorite book.

12.  Look at your photo albums/old photos and reminisce some favorite memories.

13.  Start a junque journal...they are so much fun!

14.  Organize all your books alphabetically.

15.  Clip random words, phrases, and letters from old magazines and rearrange some cut & paste poetry.

16.  Play some board games together.

17.  Rearrange your furniture.

18.  Reorganize all your kitchen drawers and cupboards.

19.  De-clutter a closet or two...donate all the things you no longer need/use.

20.  Work a puzzle:  word find, soduko, crossword.

21.  Workout.

22.  Learn something new online by reading an article.

23.  Decide to take up a new hobby...research it, make plans.

24.  Give yourself (or someone else) a make-over.

25.  Get out your best clothes and play dress up.

26.  Have a cooked, homemade dinner for a change instead of ordering out.

27.  Watch out the's relaxing, and sooner or later you're bound to see something interesting.

28.  Try your hand at meditating.

29.  Write a gratitude list of all the things you're thankful for.

20.  Map out your life for the next year or so...goals, lists, dreams, finances, plans.

21.  Turn on some good music and dance!

22.  Try your hand at creating some artsy Artist Trading Cards.  As long as you have glue, paper, and some old magazines...there's no excuse!

23.  Read your favorite blogs...and if you don't have's time to do an online search!

24.  Start your own's fun, you'll meet interesting people, and it gives you a platform to voice your opinions and speak about your life.

25.  Look up some great websites about things that interest you, or your hobbies.  Trust me...there's TONS of free info out there just awaiting you.

26.  Find a free course online in a subject that interests you that you've never had the time to pursue.

27.  Look up some yummy recipes to try.

28.  Create a one-week meal plan with the recipes you find...full with shopping list.

29.  Play an online game...they are fun, and addictive!

30.  Window shop on Amazon or Ebay...who needs a mall anyway with all the great merchandise right at your fingertips!

31.  Write in your journal.

32.  Watch an inspiring documentary.

33.  Make an account on Hulu and entertain yourself for hours.

34.  Browse movies on your Netflix account, add tons of awesome movies to your 'watch' list.

35.  Take some photographs...of yourself, your family, pets, the outside (especially if it's snowing).

36.  Make a Tumblr account and start posting your favorite stuff.

37.  Join a forum somewhere and make some great conversation (or just read some enlightening debates other people have had).

38.  Go on an App downloading spree for your phone/tablet/ipad/ipod.

39.  Clean out your email inbox (I know it's crazy full!).

40.  Write a short personal narrative about an important event in your life.

41.  Paint/decorate something in your house:  a frame, vase, lamp....maybe a whole wall!

42.  Clip some inspiring quotes from magazines and arrange them around your vanity mirror to remind yourself, everyday, how amazing life really is.

43.  Go ahead and make an appointment for all the things you've been putting off (dentist, gyno, regular check up, etc).

44.  Peruse websites online and plan your dream vacation!

45.  Grab your calendar/date book/ planner/journal and start making plans...for movies, dinner, dates, bookstore visits, etc.

46.  Write a list of 50 reasons why you love yourself.

47.  Take a nap and catch up on some well-needed rest!

48.  Watch a complete season of your favorite TV show...or a TV show you've never watched before.

49.  Turn the lights down low and take turns telling ghost stories.

50.  Look up all the great books you've been wanting to read and compile the ultimate TBR list.

51.  Learn some simple, basic yoga stretches (they are amazing for relaxation).

52.  Create an account on Oyster and go crazy making book lists, and read to your heart's content!

53.  Go inspire yourself with a TED talk.

54.  Tidy up your house by tackling a mess.

55.  Create the Ultimate Playlist with Spotify (it's totally free).

56.  Compile your Christmas wish list.

57.  Write a poem.

58.  Be a kid again for a a blanket fort, play with coloring books, design your own paper dolls from magazine images.

59.  Reread old letters, cards, and memorandum....oh, the nostalgia!

60.  Make an account on Pinterest and go crazy creating boards of all the things you love.

61.  Connect with other book-lovers, join reading groups, and make friends on Goodreads.

62.  Create your own zine with drawings, poems, and writings.  You can even make copies to give away/sell!

63.  Start outlining that novel/book you've always wanted to write.

64.  Start writing out your bucket list (a list of all the things you want to accomplish before you die).

65.  Cook a lavish dinner...light candles, whip out the good dishes and silverware, use your place mats and fancy napkins.

66.  Look for some interesting videos on Youtube.  Watch away!

67.  Take a trip down memory lane by looking up pictures, videos, and websites of all the things you enjoyed as a child (toys, TV shows, clothes, movies, etc).

68.  Spend the whole day doing absolutely nothing but deserve it.

69.  Give a piece of clothing a make-over...turn those old jeans into cut-off shorts, sew some patches or cute buttons onto the back pockets your favorite jeans, etc.

70.  Have fun with a deck of playing solitaire alone, have a poker tournament with family/friends.  Get online and learn how to use playing cards for fortune telling.

71.  Cuddle up in your favorite pajamas with some hot coffee/cocoa and a yummy pastry...and just mindfully enjoy the moment.

72.  Fill the house with nothing but lit candles, turn some music on low, sit in your favorite chair/couch and just relax into the softly lit atmosphere.

73.  Take some old magazine clippings and create a vision board of your hopes and dreams.

74.  Plan your next  big holiday dinner.  What dishes you will serve, what ingredients you will need to buy.  Create your shopping list.

75.  Make an account on PicMonkey and give your favorite photos a makeover.

76.  Scare yourself with a subscription to Scream Box.

77.  Enlighten yourself with some documentaries at Curiosity Stream.

78.  Download a free trial of Adobe Photoshop or Corel Paintshop Pro, look up some tutorials and hone your digital art skills.

79.  Look at some wonderful art at Deviant Art (you may be inspired to make some of your own after browsing).

80.  Get on Lulu and look for some awesome, free literature.

81.  Begin a new journal.

82.  Try your hand at haiku.

83.  Give yourself a manicure and/or a pedicure.

84.  Create a budget!  Not only will this help you see where your money goes, it will also give some insight on how & where you can save.

85.  Go through your house, try to find 100 things (big & small) that you no longer them up to donate!

86.  Create your own Soul Card deck.

87.  Sit outside for a while and just marvel the amazing beauty and mystery of nature.

88.  Do some research and plan a mini road trip.  Make 75 miles your traveling distant limit.  Figure out all the cool, fun, cheap things you can do that close to home.

89.  Play the part of fancy cafe barista for the day.  Put on your cutest/shortest dress and make drinks, coffee, hot cocoa, and yummy treats for your family/friends.  Make it realistic...use a small paper pad and take orders!  You can even create a little menu with a blank sheet of paper.

90.  Spend some quality time with your family/friends.

91.  Start a project...anything!  A scrapbook, DYI house decorating, a painting, a book club or a free community course.  Make plans and just begin where you're at, with what you currently have.

92.  Brainstorm for ways you can bring education, meaning, and prosperity to your community.  Think in terms of a free weekend workshop at the public library or a quilting course at the local community center.  Or how about a bake sale where donations will be used to buy school supplies for disadvantaged kids?  In what ways can you use your own life & skills to help others?

93.  Call your parents to say 'thank you' and 'I love you.'

94.  Take up the hobby of card making.  Not only is it fun and relaxing creative outlet, but handmade cards are so much more meaningful and think of how much money you'll save (greeting cards are expensive!).

95.  Be a kid again and play video games with your kids (or partner/friend/loved one).

96.  Study some philosophy.  Figure out the reason why you're here.  Contemplate the grandness of mere existence for a while.

97.  Read some inspirational essays at This I Believe.

98.  Be brave and write your own This I Believe essay.  If you're feeling really brave, submit it to the site!

99.  Think about an important decision you'be been putting off.  On a sheet of paper make two columns.  One of pros and the other of cons.  Weigh the pros against the cons and make your final decision!

100.  Organize (and de-stress) your life by cleaning out your purse/bag/tote/backpack/wallet.