Friday, May 29, 2015

Poetry Prompt #24: Coffee Shop Poetry

I love the atmosphere of a coffee shop.  Rather the plasticity of a Starbucks, a homely little small-town cafe, or a campus coffee bar inside a college library...they all give me this fuzzy, eccentric feeling.  My muse just itches upon entry!

I remember years ago during college when I first began to frequent coffee shops.  Each came with it's own cast of interesting characters.  I used to love observing the variety of  patrons, closely watching the ways in which they interacted, taking notes for characters in the stories I hoped to write.

So for this prompt, we're going to 'visit' a coffee shop/cafe.  We are going to walk right in there, pull up a chair, get comfy, and write!  You can do this a few different ways:

1) Visit an actual coffee shop.  OR go to a favorite restaurant and order coffee.   And while you drink your coffee, I want you to observe your surroundings.  Listen to the little tidbits of conversation that go on around you.  Pay attention to the ambient sounds...tinkling dishes, background music, the sound of footsteps approaching.  Take notes as you immerse yourself completely in the atmosphere.  Allow yourself to be inspired, and write.


2)  If you find you can't really make it to a cafe/coffee shop, or maybe you hadn't planned on going out, visit my Tumblr blog Midnight Mocha Latte Dreams.  Immerse yourself in the atmospheric photos.  Use your imagination and be inspired by the visuals.  Take notes, and then write!

And before you begin, have a mocha latte, courtesy of me!  =)

Enjoy your time at the cafe this Saturday!  Happy writing.