Wednesday, February 11, 2015

100 Simple Ways To Live A Better Life

1. De-clutter your life!

2. Pay a little more attention to yourself

3. Get rid of what no longer works

4. Prioritize what is important to you in your own life, then make time for it

5. Find joy in the little things

6. Apply more meaning to your existence

7. Realize there is a purpose for your life

8. Remember that it is not the ultimate destination for which we end up, rather it is the journey that makes life most fulfilling

9. Treat yourself to something nice

10. Find quiet time for yourself each day, even if only for a few moments

11. Learn to meditate and do it frequently!

12. Make it a habit to look for the good in things rather than just focus on the negatives

13. Eliminate negative people

14. Know that happiness is not something you can purchase with money

15. Spend some time in nature

16. Be grateful, even for the smallest things

17. Do something just for you

18. Find something to be passionate about and dive into it

19. Forgive yourself and others

20. Be in the present and live in the moment

21. Make a new friend

22. Live life without regrets

23. Be more tolerant

24. Stop judging yourself and others

25. Explore your personal values and morals, and resolve to live more closely to them

26. Define short and long term goals, map ways to achieve them

27. Live your own life by your own standards

28. Don’t try to make everyone else happy

29. Learn from yesterday, but let it go!

30. Define what it is you believe in, make sure it is for the right reasons, and live according to those  beliefs

31. Take your own road, don’t follow in someone else’s footsteps

32. Find small spurts of joy in doing something nice for someone else

33. Volunteer a little bit of free time to a needy cause

34. Be more creative

35. Switch up your routine

36. Boot bad habits

37. Don’t be a procrastinator

38. Compliment yourself, and often

39. Compliment someone else

40. Get yourself a new pet

41. Find a new hobby and throw yourself into

42. Start regularly keeping a journal

43. Stop reading the news

44. Kick the couch potato routine!

45. Take a short walk

46. Find at least five things to be grateful for each day

47. Before you fall asleep at night, visualize what a perfect day for you would look like for the following day

48. Be a little more organized by keeping a to-do list and checking off as you go

49. Find a group or club to commit yourself to

50. Do something nice for yourself to change your physical appearance

51. Exercise more!

52. Decide to eat a little healthier everyday

53. Address the root problems in your life, and brainstorm for an adequate plan for undoing or eliminating them!

54. Focus on what really matters, not the nuisances

55. Allow yourself to be a child for a bit!

56. Daydream a little more!

57. Believe that for everything, there is a purpose

58. Forgive someone for something they did to you

59. Create a scrapbook or a memory book to record your happiest moments

60. Learn something new

61. Challenge yourself

62. Read a good book!

63. Watch an inspiring movie

64. Listen to some inspiring music

65. Read inspirational text, rather it be religious or just a self help article

66. Believe In the goodness of people, and the world

67. Love unconditionally

68. Get your hands dirty and tackle that mess you’re been putting off!

69. Write a personal mission statement for the important areas of your life

70. Take back your power over yourself!

71. Learn to love yourself

72. Remember that doing a good job, is good enough.

73. Know that there is no such thing as ‘perfect’

74. Start your own blog

75. Find a game you really enjoy, and play to unwind

76. Stop sleeping so much!

77. Remember that worrying resolves nothing

78. Ask for what you want and need of others

79. Develop your own interests and pursue them

80. Make little rituals out of things you enjoy

81. Change your surroundings

82. Say “thank you” to someone, even if only to yourself

83. Carefully consider your actions and words before you respond…are they really beneficial in the long run?

84. Stop complaining, your life is good!

85. Be who you are, and love it

86. Stop being judgmental, embrace differences!

87. Write a list of 10 things that make you happy

88. Notice and appreciate the simple things

89. Be open to new experiences

90. Learn to meditate and make it a part of your daily existence

91. Stop placing blame

92. Do something nice for someone who will never know

93. Reconnect with someone you lost contact with

94. Expect good things

95. Stop procrastinating

96. Avoid unnecessary disagreements

97. Take care of yourself first

98. Concentrate on doing one thing at a time

99. Begin a health regiment

100. Know that you are your own best source for happiness!