Friday, January 9, 2015

Poetry Prompt #10: The Art of Poem-Sketching

This week I have been reading a book by Sanford Lyne, titled Writing Poetry From The Inside Out.  His primary method for poetry writing is what he refers to as 'poem sketching.'  The idea of a poem sketch is to create word images by grouping different sets of words together to create poems.  He even refers to the notebook as the 'writer's studio.'

He says:

Poem-sketching is a simple introductory approach that can be used, developed, and enjoyed for a lifetime.  It is based on the concept that words are materials...with poem-sketching you are taking a group of words (usually four, but actually any number) and developing them into combinations of sentences that 'feel' like poems.  One function of poem-sketching is to awaken your ability to produce images in words.

Basically, you look at several groups of words...then write poetry from them.  You can combine groups of words, mix and match them how you please.  The primary goal is to end up with a group of 4 or more words, then use those words to create a poem.

In a way, you are taking a large list of words and regrouping them into your own wordle to write with.

Below I have provided for you eight groups of four words each.  Combine them, mix them up, take as many (or as few as just four) and create your own list of words....or you can just pick a word group if you prefer.

Group #1               Group #2               Group #3                Group #4
face-painting         sharpen                  indigo                     twilight
sleep                      haunted                 nighttime                star-ship
party                      laugh                     clash                       soar
cocktail                 avenue                   severed                   lightly

Group #5              Group #6                 Group #7                 Group #8
vestibule               blackbirds               shadows                   porch
silence                  starless                    sombrero                  city
deep                     pock-marked            dancing                    scars
invisible               pedestrian                drunken                    sunless

Once you've combined your word list, write a poem (or flash fiction, short story, whatever your venue for writing I'm sure you can incorporate this prompt!).

Link up in the comments below if you wish, or write alone.