Wednesday, January 7, 2015

10 Writer's Resolutions (For The New Year)

Perhaps you don't particularly care for resolutions.  If not, you can refer to these as 'goals' or 'intentions.'  But, speaking as a writer, I've compiled ten great resolutions/goals to consider for the upcoming year.

1.  Write everyday.

Don't concern yourself so much with quantity.  You don't have to reach a specific word count every single day.  Just write!

2.  Complete an unfinished writing project...or two.

As a writer, I jot ideas and bits of inspiration down as they come.  Much of my journal is full of ideas I have for chapbooks, articles, self-help workbooks.  Look around for something you began writing, but never quite completed...and make a solid intention to complete that project!

3.  Submit your work for publication.

We all, as writer's, want to know that others are reading our work.  Publication, in a way, gives validation to that need.  If you are rejected, then you'll more than likely learn something (I almost always get a bit of constructive criticism with my rejection letters).  And if you do get published, you'll get a great self-esteem boost!

4.  Set project deadlines and work towards them.

This will allow you to pace your work, to know how much you need to achieve in x amount of time...refer to the daily word count!  I also find that if I'm working toward a deadline, it's much easier to get to work and fight the urge to procrastinate.

5.  Work on multiple projects.

As a writer, myself, I seem always to be juggling between projects I'm trying to complete.  Doing this helps eliminate boredom and distraction.  If I get tired of working on one thing, or I seem blocked, I simply switch to another.

6.  Get more organized.

For me, this will mean the use of  a date book/calendar book.  If you write down what you need to get done, it's much easier to just spread the book out in front of you, to double check your duties and refresh your memory with a solid copy than to have to refer to computer programs and apps.  Also, I've found that when I look at my calendar book each day, I get an idea of what needs to be done and how much time to allot to my tasks.

7.  Read widely.

Read a new genre or writing style.  If you typically read horror, try picking up a screenplay.  If you normally read only poetry, try a historical novel or science fiction.  The more you read, the better you write!

8.  Write what you love.

For me, that's mostly poetry.  So, if you typically write romance novels and you love that work...stick with what you love doing.  You are more likely to be successful at something you are passionate about, and you are more likely to do something you love well.

9.  Do the appropriate research.

If you are writing a horror novel that takes place in Kent, England...research that place!  If you are writing about a particular era, research that era!  If you are writing a positive psychology up on the topic, and look for recent info!  You must know something before you can fluently write about it!

10.  Stop procrastinating.

Stop making excuses, stop daydreaming, stop being lazy, stop allowing yourself to be pulled away by distractions or menial tasks.  Set down to work and DO IT!

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