Saturday, November 8, 2014

Poetry Prompt #5: An Atmosphere and a First Line

I've spent the last few weeks digging through my enormous library and trying to unpack everything (and also get rid of the books that no longer appeal to me).  I moved this past summer and had to put quite a few of my books in storage.

Anyway, since my world has been about books lately (ha, when is it not, really?), I thought I'd go ahead and indulge myself a bit more in my bookish fervor.

So, for this week I have for you a picture and a few first lines to choose from:

Step 1:  Just take in this piece of surreal art.  I actually created it myself.  It's properly titled, Lost In A Book.

Step 2:  Use the inspiration, thoughts, ideas, descriptions, reflections from the piece of art above and write your poem using ONE of these first lines at the beginning of your poem:

It all began with a girl and a pen


 She chased her dreams into the twilight

Remember, you are not limited to writing only poetry.  Anything long as you follow the prompt as best as you can.

Don't forget to come back and add your link, and visit each other!

Happy Saturday writing, friends!