Wednesday, November 19, 2014

10 Writer's Affirmations

Sometimes we just need a pick me up.  Maybe a little bit of motivation to help us break through writer's block or omit those self-defeating thoughts that make us believe we can't do the things it is we wish to do.

The truth of it is, we can do (and become) most anything we put our minds to with a little bit of perseverance, a lot of practice and dedication, and positive self talk.

That's really what affirmations are:  positive self talk.  They are you reminding yourself of the important things.  They are you, giving yourself a pat on the back, a push in the right direction, the courage it takes to start everyday with hope and motivation.

Below are 10 of my favorite 'Writer's Affirmations' I use when I'm just not feeling creative.  Or when I feel my writing isn't up to standard.  

Pick one to use each day.  Repeat it to yourself over and over.  Write it on a post-it note and put it beside your computer so you can see it often.  Say it to yourself, believe it until you live it.  Then do it all over again the next morning with a new one!

1.  I was born with an innate sense of creativity.

2.  The things I write and create are important.

3.  Amazing ideas are all around me.

4.  Creative ideas come to me readily and easily.

5.  Today I will write something magnificent because I believe I can.

6.  I choose to be creative and inventive each and every day.

7.  Writing comes as naturally to me as breathing.

8.  New ideas come to me everyday with ease.

9.  Creative joy fills my being and flows onto the empty page.

10.  Inspiration and ideas follow me wherever I go.