Mission Statement & Disclaimer


Will we not be accepting any more book manuscripts, nor publishing them.  The bookstore will remain open until the contracts on books for purchase expire.

Our Mission as a Book Publisher

Pink.Girl.Ink. Press was created with the intent to provide a platform for creative women to share their work, voices, thoughts and experiences.

Our press thrives on publishing unique voices and diverse writings of talented women from all walks of life.

We consider the creative work of fellow women as celebrations to ourselves; a paying of homage to the life and struggles, the happiness and triumphs, it entails to be a woman.

We are seeking work from women everywhere, no matter socioeconomic status, education, religion, sexual orientation, and so on.  We wish to portray (celebrate and commemorate) women, in general.

Read our Submission Requirements for more info!

What We'll Do For You

-edit, proofread and format your book
-create a cover design
-create a Goodreads page for your book
-attempt to acquire fair reviews for your book by offering a limited number of copies to readers for free, given they agree to write reviews either on Goodreads or Amazon**
-publish your book and get your work in print
-Offer paperback, Kindle edition, and e-book editions of your book for purchase.  Amazon ensures a worldwide distribution.

Understanding a Small Press

The Pros

-We do not require an agent in order to read or accept your manuscript
-We accept unsolicited manuscripts
-We do not condone literary snobbery.  This means, we do not require that you be published in big-name anthologies and magazines.  Do we appreciate if you are?  Yes!  Are we impressed by your previous publications?  You betcha.  But do we turn away quality literature if you haven't? Of course not!
-We are not elitist people.   We are a very small group of fellow writers and artists that understand the plight of trying to find publication in this dog-eat-dog world.  We know firsthand that even if you are talented, most large publishing houses won't even look at you unless you can bring them a notable agent or the promise of big money.  We know that struggle, and our press offers an alternative.
-A small press can be thought of as a gateway publisher.  We help you get your work out there, particularly if you are not widely published, or if you are just beginning to publish your work.  We offer the benefit of getting your work in print as you continue to hone your writing skills.  Many successful writers began their careers with small press.
-We will treat you like a human, not a manuscript.  We answer emails in a timely manner, listen to your thoughts and opinions.  We welcome your input in the formatting and cover-making process.  We enjoy learning about our writers and fostering friendships during the publication process.  Talking to you is not a burden or a job, it is something we actually enjoy.

The Cons

-Our Small Press is 'Independent' and currently is working on a fairly 'non profit' basis (meaning, we are new and have not yet received royalty payments/our royalties are limited)
-Many independent small Press publishers do not have the given budget to offer advancements.  We are one of those.
-Being a small press, we do not currently have a budget for publicity and marketing.  Though we are listed in many an online directory,  we do not currently own (nor distribute) any ads for our Press.
-We do not have the same high-functioning distribution as big-name publishing house
-Many small press publishers are a labor of love.  You're probably not going to get rich.  But you will get your work out there, and you won't have to resort to self-publishing.
-We are not miracle workers, mind readers, or graphic design experts.  Do not expect your finalized cover to look exactly how you imagined.  This isn't to say we won't try our best, just don't expect perfection!
-Things like 'back cover blurbs' are your responsibility.  Send your manuscript to fellow writers, friends, authors, and colleagues.  Have them write you a short review or blurb.  Send your blurbs to us and we assure we'll put them on the back of your book.    We will write one blurb for your back cover.  If you require more than that, you will have to solicit them yourself.
-We do not have a set amount of copies we print and sell.  We operate on a print/download-on-demand basis.
-Our contract clearly states that we have 18 months from the time the contract is signed to deliver your book in print.  Usually it takes six months or longer to get a batch of books (6 or more books) created for release.  PLEASE KEEP IN MIND that we are a small, independent press with few people working on your book.  IT DOES TAKE TIME. Do not expect your book to be miraculously published immediately.
-Please do not be thankless.  We do a majority of our work for free.  We do it for YOU, the writer.  You are ALWAYS welcome to inquire as to the status of your manuscript but rude and snide remarks are not appreciated. We value respect.

Important Points of Consideration

-When you choose to publish with a smaller press (especially an independent press) you should understand that the success in the sale of your book will depend largely upon you
-Due to the lack of ads, the author is primarily responsible for ensuring that his/her book(s) get into the hands of new readers.  This means you will have to do some of your own footwork.

What You Can Do For Yourself

-Share the link to our press.  More traffic means more people looking through our bookstore (where your book will be listed).
-Use social media platforms as an outlet for spreading the news of your book
-Write a simple press release and have it printed in your local newspaper(s)
-Create a blog to showcase some of your work, your bio, and your publications
-Create an author website or an author page on Facebook
-Word of mouth is powerful.  Tell all of your friends, have them tell their friends, and so on
-Begin submitting to small press ezines across the web, include your book info in your bio
-Create an Amazon author page once your book appears in print
-Create fliers or business cards
-Attend local readings/ author meetings
-Join online forums and websites designated for networking writers

**We won't exchange free copies of your book if you request otherwise.  I have had authors request to purchase copies and give them to whom they wish for reviews.  Also, even if we offer a free copy for an honest review, we are never guaranteed that review.  It's sad, but some people aren't as honest as others!  All we can do is try.