Saturday, August 26, 2017

Poetry Prompt #48: Movement

Movement:  by process, it's what makes the world go 'round.  There's movement in everything:  pedestrians jogging past, a dog galloping alongside its owner, cars whizzing by a busy freeway...or maybe they are slowly creeping past? 

The earth is in's been moving around and around for eons.  Air is floating beneath the wings of airplanes.  There's the fluid relevancy of dancers to consider.  The sensual gyrate of lovers.  Everything on this earth, inside the vacuum of the universe, exists inside, or through, some sort of movement.  

Actions, voices, songs, footsteps...anything you can think of consists of a certain type of movement.  Rather metaphorical, mental, or actual physical movement....things are constantly interchanging, matter is constantly in friction with other matter.

So, for today, I want you to consider the process of movement.  Pick an actual concept of something in mid-move.  Such as:  dancers, a couple kissing, clouds slowly flowing across the horizon, a storm.  Think in terms of micro-movement and atoms.    Pick something that is moving and describe how it is moving.  Use some comparisons and metaphors.  Throw in a little bit of symbolism.  Those aren't rings around Saturn, maybe they are hulu-hoops!

Write about the process of movement, what it feels like or looks like.  Is it invisible, conceptual, mental? 

Flesh the details out on paper, then write your poem.