Tuesday, August 8, 2017

A Poetry & Photography Collab by Deborah Setiyawati and Carl Scharwath


She has a rendezvous with the darkness
Under the moonlight
When apple blossoms fill the air.

While the melody of night flowing softly
She showers cold water
And the breeze fondles her beauty.

When the aroma of sin entices her
She could not bear her stride
To receive the clandestine meeting.

Secret behind the secret
She’s directed to have a rendezvous with death
After the fallen.

She still dances with the wine on her hand.
The shadow of her blacks cover her soul
And lead her into the dark land.


Freedom to Love

The glow of the soul
Comes from the bottom of heart
It's like a rainbow
Being the bridge for others
To know the source of the light.

Model and poet: Deborah Setiyawati (from Indonesia)
Photographer: Carl Scharwath