Saturday, July 29, 2017

Poetry Prompt #45: Back Porch Poetry

                             Image result for patio view

Don't worry, it's okay if you don't have a porch!  You can implement a patio, a balcony, even a set of steps (or a stoop) with an outside view.  Even a window will do.

This poem is a simple one.  You are going to write about what you see from the vantage point of your living quarters.  Considering where you live, the front of your outdoor living space/area may differ vastly from what you see in the back. Take my town home, for example.  The front allows me a view of a historical home across the street, the back gives way to a small two-lane road that leads into the fading distance of downtown.  I could write about either, or both.

You may have a view of the inner city, or primarily nature.  Whatever it is, concern yourself with the minute details of this environment for which you watch.  Because this poem is significant to your exact location, your poem should be a unique piece of writing as no one else see's exactly what you see from your window, porch, etc.

Choose a sitting spot for observation and take notes about all the things you see.  Write down any ideas, questions, little tidbits of info and visual details you can find in the atmosphere for which you gaze. Make some inferences on the things you see.  For example, if you see a man in a large black hat and an overcoat, perhaps you may question who he is and where he's going.

Observe for 15 minutes or so and complete a list of details.  Think in terms of all five senses as well as whatever cognitive associations you may make as you mentally digest the visuals.  Then, take that list and use it as inspiration for writing.