Saturday, July 22, 2017

Poetry Prompt #44: Go Read Your Atlas

There's such pregnant possibility in an unfolded road-map or atlas.

As a child I enjoyed folding and unfolding my father's old road-map.  Just reading all the interesting names of towns and roadways sent my imagination down it's own super-highway.  For today, I'd like you to investigate your own map or atlas for a creative spark.

You can even do random searches on the Google Earth map, or do your own internet search for atlases/maps from areas all over the world.  Simply read the names of towns and highways, write down the ones that seem interesting or far-fetched (especially as names for towns).   Then brainstorm for some creative writing.

If you don't have a map for reference, here is a list of unique towns.  Use one as your title and write  a poem, or try to integrate the complete word list into one piece of writing.  Or...just let a particular word take you where it will.

There's no wrong way to be inspired!

Word List of Unique Names of Towns:
Sandy Creek
Snow Camp
Silk Hope
Haw River
Oak Ridge
Clench Mountain
Echo Cliffs
Queen Elizabeth Avenue
Dare County