Friday, July 28, 2017

Poetry By Tina Hernandez


Freckles, glasses, tattoos, alcohol
Turned fragile in the dry humor
Of raw honesty and damning
Superficial judgments - mix to form
One of my oldest friends, a woman
That was a Rocky Horror dream 
When I lived in a floral oldies house. 
Hair dye I could run to 
When I turned the world upside down
For lust and fun and know
She’d shriek and ask exactly
The right questions.
There’s really only one person I can 
Don an evening gown for Denny’s
At 2 am with, whose parenting
Compliments still matter because
The respect comes when it counts.
Ten months can flash by like a slideshow reel,
Then there will be my text
About an outfit walking by at 
Just that moment, as a lead in
To describe the desperation of 
Insomnia, the private doubts
That creep in deep when sleep is 
So far down the list of wishes
That it just doesn’t matter at all.
There is Jess, to plan a New Orleans run
That we swear we’ll fill with firsts -
Her safe because I won’t let her die
And me wild because it’s just her and I.
I’m building a family one friend at a time that 
Outshines anything I was born with, 
And this chick will be a chosen sister
Willing to stand in the dirt and leaves with only a knowing, 
“Are you sure?” as I get married. Jess,
Able to be drug off to church camp
At 15, and turn it into fashion with egg carton
Masquerade masks for the “ball”
Scheduled in the gym.
Sarcasm says more, when tears fall
From laughing so hard.
Fluffy headed naked-eye confusion
On my couch as I changed diapers,
Jess would wait for me to be available.
Hushed voices in someone else’s house
We’d realize five hours had already went,
Spent in a skipping pattern of near interruption and
“I KNOW”, over and over, until even
Sprung from railroad tracks and coldhearted spinsters
As we were, the hugs would come and 
Whatever is next, I’m blessed that
This isn’t going anywhere.

I'm originally from Key West, and am an armchair botanist and a budding herbalist, with hundreds of plants inside and outside of my house. I'm in graduate school for social work, for a bunch of reasons, including to one day be a licensed psychotherapist. I'm also a mother of five kids - they're currently 9-16. That started with an unplanned teenage pregnancy and got off to a bumpy start. I spent a lot of my twenties blogging my way through breastfeeding, sling wearing, and cloth diapering adventures. I also have a book of short stories available on Amazon, titled Twenty Troubled Ladies, that a small publisher believed in.