Monday, January 4, 2016

News & Updates!

Hello fellow writers and friends.

As of late, I decided to make some major changes to Pink.Girl.Ink. Press.  I have decided to focus only on aspects related to writing (poetry, creative, prose, journal, etc.).  Therefore, I have removed  certain weekly posts:  Sunday Soul Writes, Mindfulness Monday, Thursday Links, and my Favorite Literary works will appear as posts on my personal blog Warning The Stars.  I also will slowly begin to move my Self Development posts to my personal blog as well.  You are welcome to read and partake in this posts as usual by visiting my personal blog.

I have completely discontinued Warning The Stars Saturday prompts due to lack of participation.  It takes much too long to create in-depth creative writing prompts for which few (or none) decide to comment or participate.  However, I will keep the archive of past prompts for those of you who wish to use them for future writing inspiration.

I have added a simpler weekly writing prompt to my personal blog,  a Wednesday Word List I'll post weekly.  I welcome you to join me there on Wednesdays if you enjoy working with prompts.

Pink.Girl.Ink. Press will remain a largely non-profit independent publisher of books, and we will continue to publish quality writing and artwork in our bi-quarterly ezine Think Pink.

I would also like to introduce my new editor-in-chief of, Echo Aria.  She publishes under a variety of pen names and visits us from the sunny state of California.  Echo has written hundreds of freelance articles and is a previous graduate of Fresno State.  She will be my primary editor on books received for publication interest.  I hope my authors will enjoy working with her as much as I have these past few weeks.

I think the changes will benefit the blog/press in the long run and apologize in advance for any inconvenience to any reader.

I'm wishing  all my readers and writers a most prosperous New Year!

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  1. A very good and happy New Year to you too - and all of these sound like eminently sensible changes. Looking forward to another good year! And welcome on board to Echo Aria - what a wonderful name!