Wednesday, November 4, 2015

5 "Word Remix" Writing Prompts

Today I want to introduce you to a new type of writing prompt:  the word remix.  You can think of the word remix prompt as a more loosely-defined guided prompt.  The significant difference is found in the fact that word remixes appoint a direct subject matter that your piece must be written about (think of this as the theme, or the main idea/event that happens inside your piece of writing); afterward, you'll find a list of words that must ALL be incorporated throughout your piece of writing.  Those are the only two rules!

Use the five word remixes below to challenge your writing in a new way:

1.  Subject:  Vintage clothing
      Words to use:  admirable, festivity, fidelity, allotment, tranquility, alter, altruism, endearment, misfortune, immature

2.  Subject:  sexual liberality
      Words to use:  carnage, partial, placid, disparage, moral, unimportant, accrue, indifference, popularity, erotica

3.  Subject:  Invigorating love affair
       Words to use:  obstacle, formidable, assault, arrogance, suicide, laden, barrier, allied, conclusion, forevermore,

4.  Subject:  Some form of re-birthing
        Words to use:  duplicate, relapse, recreation, diminish, destruction, afterglow, boisterous, seduction, rampage, swindler

5.  Subject:  Reminiscing on your childhood
        Words to use:  intolerable, mischievous, terrifying, manly, godliness, familial, Friday, crisis, first-love, silly 

Remember, these kinds of prompts are volatile enough to practice with any form of writing:  poetry, journal, short fiction, short personal memoir, flash fiction, and much more.

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