Saturday, October 10, 2015

Poetry Prompt #36: Art Work & A Word List

The last few weeks we've really been writing hard....trying new forms of poetry (and hopefully learning a few things).

This week we're going to take a more relaxed approach.  We're going to write a poem by combining a photo with a word list.

For part one  I am going to provide you with an interesting piece of art for inspiration:

Gaze into the artwork above and consider the following:  atmosphere, mood, persona of the individual.  What is she doing?  Where is she at?  It appears to be night time, as the sky is dark and the moon has made an appearance.  Immerse yourself in the atmosphere of the photo and reflect on what, exactly, is happening at the exact moment in time.  Write down any and all ideas.

Now, for part two, you are going to use the inspiration and ideas you wrote down for part one, and combine them with the following word list, to  create a unique poem.

Word List:


Relax into the writing and enjoy yourself.  Remember, you don't always have to write a poem.  You can incorporate this prompt into character sketching, flash fiction, even a short story or a journal entry.

Share your work in the comments if you wish!