Thursday, October 1, 2015

"Untitled" by Tanima Bag

THUD!   THUd!   Thud.
THUD!   THUd!   Thud.

Where am I? Eyes leper without the moonlight beaming
Gloom, confusion. What is it? Am I dreaming?

Darkness persists and stares back
Air on exile, dust sits in a stack

Flicker of a recollection, before could it dawn
Faster than a cherry blossom bloomed and gone

Devastation knocks on the door,foreboding, looming
Limbs turned treacherous, lungs start screaming

Blink. Screaming?

THUD!   THUd!   THud.
THUD!   THUd!   THud.

THUD THUd Thud, shut and hammered for a faux sin
With the nine inches, palms nailed to my coffin

Scream, and plead my little heart away
Cause rosaries and candles can’t save the strayed

“Waylaid” by mother nature, but punished by ten
“Men dress as men, and only mate  women”

Family calls it a phase and societies spit
But HE who maketh all, is the one who hath me lit

Loving neighbors and enemies, having compassion, forgiveness
Preaching the lord’s words,but never one for acceptance

Adultery tolerated, though so many’ve died
But love that harms no one, forbidden, denied

How can we be earth’s child and heaven’s heir ,
Looking for reasons to be different from others so much alike us when bare ?

Tik Tok.  Tik Tok.  Tik ToK.  Tik.

Help! Save me! Or just try to understand me!
Light that volcano up. Emptiness, size of Mount Fuji

Tik Tok.   Tik Tok.    Tik Tok.  Tik.

Blink. I’m alone. Darkness blankets me still.
Did i have a cup of poison gravy to the fill?

Chest, brain,eyes,throat, lips hurt , I recall what’s not a rotten dream
Wishing it wasn’t my life’s decaying fraying seam

Two options, stand aground and take the brick to the head
Or let my screams sing me lullaby as the rope swings me to death

Is giving up really cowardice or bravery? Who can ever actually tell?
Wasn’t riding the horse pleasant, only until u fell?

Two answers, body discovered after it rots, let rats feast on u along
with dumped garbage
Or tear the rot out and swim past the storm’s rampage

But saving the saved, is never as savoury
And freeing the feared, doesn’t make it bravery

And so I rise, as I let my knees sink to the ground
The earth carries me afloat, and only now I am found

Born again, I am what I am, who I am, the way I am
Unchangeable and yet being to bring the change I can

I wipe the tears,and fears of thorny  barriers
Take a plunge into the tornado and emerge, greeted by warriors

Together we pick our wounds, and stitch ‘em up for forever
We’re stomped on and yet heard. A truth denied no longer….


Tanima Bag is a 22 year old writer from India.  She thinks music, books, and food are the greatest inventions of mankind