Saturday, September 26, 2015

Poetry Prompt #34: Chorus, Line, & Lulluby (Another Guided Poem)

Happy Saturday, friends and writers!  Welcome to another installment of Warning the Stars, my weekly poetry-writing prompt.

For this week, we're going to do another guided poem.  But this time, about love relationships!  I've designed this prompt in such a way that once you complete the prompt, you should have a well-rounded, deeply emotional, and descriptive piece of writing about a relationship that went awry.

The rules are simple:  Follow the steps in order!

Chorus, Line, & Lulluby

1.  Start the poem by mentioning a love affair/romantic relationship from your past (one that was emotionally trying or still evokes emotion when you think about it).

2.  Talk about a season that occurred during this relationship, what impact that season had upon your interactions with one another.  Don't forget to describe this season in colors, smells, use your senses!  Four lines minimum!

3.  Write about a wish you had/have for the relationship:  "All in all, I wish..."

4.  You MUST use this line somewhere in the poem:  "Everything we use to be is burned into my brain."

5.  During the remainder of the poem, you MUST use these words:  smooth, bruise, thaw, angle

6.  We're going to throw a little rhyme in! Somewhere in this poem (you can go back towards the top and insert these lines or write them below) you MUST write a sequence of just TWO lines.  The first line  will end with the word 'be.'  The second line will end with the word 'me.'

7.  Use one OR two lines to tell a blatant lie about the relationship.

8.  For your last few lines, compare two opposites as a metaphor for the two individuals in the relationship (yourself and the other person).

I hope you enjoy the prompt.  I'm having some great fun with it, myself.  Guided poems are so much fun!

Remember if you want to share with me what you write, you can leave a comment below.