Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Poetry Writing: 25 "New" First Lines

Today I bring you twenty-five more of those magically, thought-provoking first lines!

Remember, you can utilize them in whatever way fits your creative needs.  Use them as first lines, last lines...string a bunch together to make an original poem all your own!

1.  I don't like coming home anymore
2.  You speak to me but I only look past you, a safety glass not meant for touching
3.  When I am no longer necessary, I shall leave
4.  The first thing to flag my attention
5.  You speak as if my broken parts were privilege
6.  Something spoke to me this morning
7.  My belly is a bowlful of moonglow
8.  I could not name it, that thing that swelled inside me
9.  I don't remember how we began
10.  I wish the summer would never end
11.  Last night I listened to an old song
12.  All I wanted was to forget _____
13.  I shook _____ from me like lose _____
14.  Something amazing happens when...
15.  It was the summer when...
16.  The connection was irreversible
17.  The day spat me out like...
18.  Love kept me calling like a fat, black cat
19.  The clock spun the night like magic
20.  I could never forget those stars
21.  She was a young woman, a Plain Jane...
22.  I meant to find my own life
23.  Quick guardian of the stopwatch
24.  You touched me like a bad side effect
25.  _____ was the symbolic antidepressant in my back pocket, and I was shaking

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