Wednesday, September 30, 2015

25 Creative Writing Prompts

You know the process.  Simply grab one...and begin writing!

1.    Imagine, for a moment, that you have the ability to completely start anew with your life.  Whatever story you write down becomes your life at the present moment….start writing!

2.    Write about a dream vacation that turns into a living nightmare.  What happens?

3.    Think about your absolute favorite book ever, then rewrite the ending for the last chapter.

4.    Write a story about the perspective of a two year old who has just ate broccoli for the first time.

5.    You will never believe what happened to me today.  After work I decided to stop by the Old China Buffet for dinner and….

6.    Write a story about a nun who has committed the mortal sin.  What did she do?  Who did she do it with?  Why did she do it?  How will she rectify this sin?

7.    Write a personal memoir from the perspective of a lonely middle-aged seamstress who is desperate to get married.  While she sews the wedding dresses of other women, she dreams of her own wedding…

8.    Write a story from the perspective of a sixteen year old who has run away from home in order to realize her dream of becoming a country music star.

9.      Use this as a first line of a story:  Tonight was the worst night of my life, it began after I witnessed a fight between two rednecks at Old Shady’s bar.

10.     Think back to the very first time you ever felt embarrassment.  What happened?  Elaborate in detail.

11.    Use this for the first line in a story or poem:  Elizabeth knew something was wrong when her birthday cake didn’t have any candles on it…

12.    Write the dialogue between a husband and wife who are fighting because the wife just caught her husband cheating on her with her best friend.  Make it juicy!

13.    Write a story from the personal viewpoint of a pornographer who hates his job.

14.    Three teenagers have decided to hang out in a cemetery on Halloween night.  One of them gets lost.  A grave gets destroyed.  One of them panics.  There is a butcher knife involved.  Pan out the story using the complete scenario.

15.    Write a story about a first date between a teenage girl and boy.  The girl views the date as disastrous.  The boy views the date as a dream come true.  Switch viewpoints throughout the story as you describe what happens.

16.    You just sat down at a very fancy restaurant.  Just as you are opening the menu, suddenly the waiter rushes over with an important message from your significant other, it says…

17.    Use this as the first few lines of a humorous story:  So my girlfriends and I were having drinks at this new club.  I was past the point of proper comprehension and I knew I shouldn’t drink anymore, but I did and…

18.    A cabin in the woods.  A wild celebration.  Broken bottles.  A shotgun.  A camp fire.  A broken down car.  Two strange men.  Use all these elements in a short story.  Flesh it out and make it good!

19.    Two ex best friends have just found themselves in the backseat of the same taxi.  What do they say to each other?  What goes on?  Give some insight into their back story.

20.     Write the wedding vows between two opposites who have fallen in love.   Make sure you write the vows of each person, for a total of two.  Are they different?  The same?  Sweet?  Silly?

21.    Write a story about a time you met Elvis.  This is fiction, pretend!  When was it?  Was it by chance or at a concert?  What dialogue was exchanged?

22.    What is your favorite memory?  Describe in detail.

23.     Use the following words in a story or poem that ends in an engagement proposal:  ice cream, naked, strawberry, whisper,

24.    Write from the viewpoint of a murderer on trial.  The media has deemed her a brutal killer.  She proclaims it was self defense.  Flesh it out!

25.    In 500 words or less, write in detail about the sunshine of your soul.

I hope you find at least a few prompts that serve your muse!  You may also enjoy 10 Creative Writing Prompts.