Saturday, July 4, 2015

Updates and Changes!

Hello friends, writers, and readers!

I hope everyone is enjoying the summery weather (it's been mostly rain in these parts!).

After quite a bit of forethought, I have decided to make the following changes to the site:

1)  Beginning in July, I will be posting submissions I accept as I receive them.  I will schedule them to post directly to the blog and will notify individuals of what date their submissions are scheduled to appear on the blog.

Your work will appear in a blog posting and will remain in the archives of the blog indefinitely.

Your work will also be published in the ebook and hard copy editions of Think Pink magazine (read below).

2)  I will then compile ALL material that has been accepted and published to the blog into two compilations of Think Pink magazine per year (Winter/December Issue and Summer/June Issue).  The issues will still be available for free e-book download and paperback edition for purchase.

If your work is published to the blog between July and December, it will appear in the Winter/December edition.

If your work is published to the blog between January and June, it will appear in the Summer/June edition.

We accept submissions on an on-going basis so please do send your material!

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