Saturday, June 6, 2015

Poetry Prompt #25: Magnetic Poetry

Last week we visited cafes (from brick & mortar to cyber) for some tasty inspiration.

Today we're going to relax inside our comfy computer screens and create some Magnetic Poetry!

I first began to play with Magnetic Poetry back in 2008.  I was perusing the local bookstore/cafe when I came across this really cool box that depicted a series of what (I thought at the time) to be some word cut-outs.  But as I read the description, my heart started to flutter (I know, so easily excited...but am I?) in anticipation of my very own black magnetic board...and words...boxes upon boxes of carefully-chosen words that  I could buy...and play with...and hopefully in the process, create some interesting poetry.

The official Magnetic Poetry Website details how their genius idea originated:
"Dave Kapell, founder of Magnetic Poetry, was suffering from writer's block while trying to compose song lyrics. To overcome this problem, he wrote down interesting words on pieces of paper and rearranged them, looking for inspiration. What he hadn't figured into this experiment was his allergies. One good sneeze and any progress was sent flying across the room. Dave decided to glue the words to pieces of magnets and stick them to a pizza tin. Then he got hungry and the now magnetized words made their way to the refrigerator door. Before too long, Dave wasn't the only one rearranging his would-be song lyrics. When friends came over, Dave noticed they started to move the magnets around, amusing themselves by writing the first magnetic poems..."

Magnetic Poems can be reflective:

They can be about nature:

Or they can be humorous, if you please:

The subject matter of your poem will depend primarily upon whatever words the poetry kit generates (online) or the variety of magnetic words you have purchased (for the actual kit).  But don't get too caught up in topic, subject, and perfection.  Just have fun with the words and allow yourself to be inspired by the quick simplicity of magnetic poetry.

If you have a magnetic poetry kit, you are welcome to use that and take a photo.  But if, like many readers, you don't own one (and might have never heard of it until today!) there are a number of websites where you can create your own magnetic poem.

The Best Online Magnetic Poetry Apps

The Official Magnetic Poetry Website
This site has a whole collection of interactive kits.  They range from bordering on perversion (The Mustache Poet) to the Romantic Love Kit.

Language is a Virus
I cannot say enough about this website.  Every time I go there for inspiration, my cup just overflows!  This site, as a whole, is a poets playground.  But they have a complete collection of Electronic Poetry Kits.  You can create your own, or you can use the words of a famous poet.

This site has a huge playing board that generates a very large variety of words with each visit.  You'll be sure to find some noteworthy words worth stringing together!

You simply create your poem and take a screenshot/photo of the completed poem.

And if you find you don't really like these online versions, there are also several magnetic poetry apps available for download on Android and Apple.  I actually use them to create some of my own magnetic poetry.

If you need more examples for inspiration, simply search google for:  magnetic poetry or magnetic poems.

There's also a really cool Facebook page dedicated to Magnetic Poetry and other related things.

My search also took me to an entertaining blog dedicated to depressing fridge-magnet poetry (you will love it, I promise!).

So, jump write in.  Play with some words.  Show us what you come up with!