Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Poetry Writing: 25 'More' First Lines

A couple of months ago, I introduced the concept of First Lines.  This post simply includes the second installment.

I have created 25 more creative, thought-provoking lines for your writing practice.

I always use them as first lines.  However, I welcome you to use them however the inspiration strikes...first lines or the beginning of new stanzas.  You could even place them at the end of a poem and work your poem towards that.

As long as they get your creative juices flowing and some words down on paper, I'm content these lines are serving their purpose!

Here we go:

1.  The window-seat of my memory, a fragile place to sit
2.  I think about the nights we stayed awake nursing cheap coffee
3.  My heart was a door left ajar and you slithered inside
4.  Last night I listened well to the cars outside my window
5.  It was a reward that led me to you
6.  I see it so well with my minds eye
7.  The moon of a poet is an always-roaming thing
8.  Your words were China dolls, impeccably dressed and exploding like broken windows
9.  The stars are a bonnet the sky wears
10.  Words rise inside me like swollen blisters
11.  It all began with a pen and a girl
12.  Your body was a slow-moving ghost and I an invisible relief
13.  You spread promises like empty continents
14.  Your breath touched my lips, a hot broth
15.  Amazing, how late it happened
16.  Your love was a warrant I could not serve
17.  Love is not always born by the heart
18.  This is the place where my world split
19.  February afternoon, creamed coffee tickling my tongue
20.  I carefully washed my body of you
21.  On the eve of my ______, I called you
22.  At last, I know what it is that I want
23.  I fled that summer tower, shivering in my raincoat
24.  What will I be come midnight, when you leave me yet again
25.  It is the overcast sky of Fall that I remember most

And there you have it:  twenty-five more lines for your writing pleasure.  I send creative dust your way as you read them all!