Saturday, May 2, 2015

Letter From The Editor (Issue 2)

Letter From The Editor

Hello friends and readers.  I hope everyone has gotten off to a lovely, creative, productive Spring. 

Did anyone else undertake the NaPoWriMo writing challenge this April?  Congrats to those who completed (or attempted) thirty poems for thirty days.  This was the first year I ever officially completed a poem every single day of April and it was taxing, to say the least!

I’ve been working hard at Pink.Girl.Ink. Press these past few months, especially with components like the page layout, utilizing links, and creating our weekly poetry prompts.   I love how everything is developing and coming along with the press and the ezine.  Though, if there’s anything you’d like to see more (or less) of, please drop us an email with any suggestions for improvement.  I’m committed to stay around for as long as possible with this blog project but we need a large reader-base in order to be successful.  That’s where you come in!  So I ask, please link us up wherever possible!  Remember, the more foot-traffic we get, the more exposure to everyone’s writing.  Exposure leads to opportunity, I speak firsthand!

I am ecstatic with the amount of submissions we received for the current Spring Issue #2 of Think Pink.  Not only did the number of contributors grow with this issue, but I believe the talent quota (and the relevance to subject matter) did as well!  We had an astounding number of poetry submissions and I have selected only what I feel were the very best. 

In this issue, you’ll find viewpoints ranging from the listlessness of entering that thirty-something era of life to the sacred gift that retirement gives to one’s creativity.  You’ll read the wise words of older women as well as the earthy opinions of blooming writers as young as teens!  This issue is filled to the brim with the insight of intelligent, creative women of brilliant mind whose writing just glows of life force, hope, and the reality it is to inhabit the feel of our own skin, to live inside the worlds of our separately distinct lives.   In this issue, we all share those enigmatic words (and experiences) with each other, and with the world.

I invite you to relish this second Issue in celebration of creative women.  Bask in the light of their worlds for a moment.  Find, and lose, yourself within the words of these pages.  I also urge you to keep reading (it really does open doors to other worlds).  And never stop creating!

As always, I offer gracious thanks to the readers and contributors of Think Pink as well as regular readers of Pink.Girl.Ink. Press.

Stacy Lynn Mar
Editor & Founder,
Pink.Girl.Ink. Press