Saturday, May 2, 2015

Harika Kottakota: Poetry


how does your smile dazzle me
amidst vintage wines and cigar smoke?
when just yesterday i found you
huddled behind french draperies
like a white daffodil dipped in blood,
praying for an hourglass body:
popping bosom, rotund hips
but you know as well as I
the waney moon never listens
never forgives, for burning a cross


There are daggers stowed
In my little bookshelf
I topped it with a
Seashell from the Tuscan shore
And kissed the collage
Of pressed poppies

A fool’s memories glowed
Ever brighter against the
Aqua dust I ground
From marbles, confetti,
And moonstone

May the rusted chimes
Stagger melodious winds
For I have lost all

Bluest Eye

Even the bluest eye
Can drown, gracefully,
In starlight
Let iridescence engulf you
The aftermath belongs to
Another voice

Heaven pontificates
From my palms to feet
But this is never
Enough--I need to still
Create some “collective good”
And blink away
The screams 

Sipping Flames

I tried pinning on ivory wings
Stolen from my childhood angel,
Morph in a mixed avalanche
Silk and lace and sequin
Shed myself of this shy, suffocating silence
And saunter Hollywood boulevards
Paparazzi, billboards, plush carpets
Yes! I wanted it all
To manifest, as swiftly as
Ebony roses blooming upon
My palms, singed stigmata,
So that I may stop knawing
Ice slivers, finally
Start sipping flames

Bangle Archetypes

Wrinkled, sunburnt housewives
Strolling in gossamery sarees
Pick maroon bangles of glass
Traditional and modest, match
Their prayer books, their dotted bhindis

Cling! Cling! Cling!

Blushing teens giggling
In denim jeans
Pick flamingo pink bangles of plastic
Studded with baby pearls
Hoping to catch a few more eyes,
To quickly slip off at night clubs

Cling! Cling!

Thick-bodied heiresses stuffed
In pure cotton folds
Pick bangles of 24-karat gold
Bend them between their
Jutting jaws


Amid the kaleidoscopic sea at my waist  
I glimpse translucent white 
Like fresh coconut water in street carts
Glinting so purely—

I dig