Saturday, February 28, 2015

Poetry Prompt #17: A Guided Poem

A guided poem is a poetry-writing exercise that really does what it says, it guides you through the process of writing a poem.  I design them quite often in my own poetry-writing and thought I would extend this idea to fellow poets and readers.

The idea is really very simple, you follow steps 1-9 (sometimes more or less) and by following those rules/steps, the rough draft of a poem falls into place.

I think guided poems are fun, they spark fresh ideas and help us write poems that we might not have otherwise thought of.  They are also challenging, and who doesn't enjoy a good challenge every now and then?

The rule is to complete every step.  Even if you struggle, think of something to write.  Following the steps is the primary essence of a guided poem.  

The Guided Poem:

1.  Begin your poem with this line:  _________ is the most interesting thing.  (fill in the blank with any word of your choice)

2.  Compare two opposites (colors, moods, etc)

3.  One line must describe something as the color blue

4.  Use two lines to reflect on a memory (any memory)

5.  Create a metaphor to describe the current season

6.  Your poem must include the following words:  cipher, melody, cerulean, kindred, mock

7.  At some point in the poem, define the word sadness in your own words

8.  Include the name of a place in your poem (town, road, address)

9.  End your poem by speaking about something you wish for:  And I wish...

I always find it easiest to write the poem in order by the numbers.  You can, however, do this in whatever way works best for you.

Leave a link to a poem below if you wish to share.  It's perfectly fine to save this prompt and write alone.  I do the weekly prompts to help writers expand their creative ideas.  Use them in whatever ways you find most beneficial.

Wishing everyone a happy and productive weekend!