Friday, February 20, 2015

'Warning the Stars' Saturday #16: A 'Goodbye' Poem

Hello writers and friends.

The challenge this week is simple:  Write a poem about saying goodbye.  The only catch is, you cannot use the word 'goodbye' anywhere in the poem!

The poem does not necessarily have to be a romantic poem, or a break-up poem.  And you don't have to be saying goodbye to anyone any particular (although you may, if you choose).  You could also be saying goodbye to a place, an era in your life, or a thing.

Write alone or post a link below if you wish to share your poem with others.

Hope everyone is staying warm and safe in this cold weather.  And to those of you in warmer regions, I am very, very jealous!


  1. here is my poem!

  2. Here's mine.!stage-4/cxuz
    Another one on my website is "Denouement."

    1. oh, sarah, they are exceptional! wow! :) ty for sharing with me.

  3. Wonderful poem and art, Stacy. My favorite lines:

    "Furniture of strangers,..."
    "...floor-creaks meant
    For some other woman’s footsteps."