Wednesday, February 4, 2015

12 Ways to Live Abundantly

Everyday offers us a new opportunity to make the most of our lives.  Modern day psychologists state that living in abundance and finding daily happiness has more to do with our mindset, and our personal schema's (the stories we tell ourselves in relation to the world), than it has to do with monetary riches or success.

Below are 12 great (and easy) ways to make everyday an amazing day merely by changing the way you think and the common, everyday things, you do.

1.  Be grateful for what you do have.  Stop taking the good things in your life for granted.  Often, even our disappointments are good things in disguise.  Remember, there’s someone somewhere praying for what you already have, so be thankful that you are blessed.

2.  Assess your positives and appreciate yourself.  I know it sounds cliché, but it’s true.  You’re never going to get anywhere in life if you’re always beating yourself up and degrading your real worth.  Stop discouraging yourself with negative self-talk and doubts.  So what if you don’t look like a super model and can’t cook like Paula Dean?  Do those things really matter in the long run?  Learn to value yourself for the good that you are and for the potential that you do have.  Look at your competencies, not your failures!

3.  Take risks.  Take a chance.  Go out on a limb.  It’s true that you might fail but it’s also possible that you might succeed.  And even if you do fail, isn’t life all about the journey, rather than the destination? Think of your failures as experiences and stepping stones.  Stop seeing them as gloom and doom.  Besides, if you don’t try then you’ll never know!

4.  Be more spontaneous.  Switch things up a bit.  Try something new.  Take a different route to work.  Eat a food you have never tried before.  Venture into a new store or restaurant you might not otherwise be interested in, you never know what lovely surprises life might unfold for you if you keep on doing the same old, same old day in and day out.  Besides, it’s fun to try new things.  Think of it as an adventure!

5.  Work hard.  No matter what your vocation is, what your job title or ambitions, you’re not going to get anywhere unless you work hard.  Remember that old saying ‘practice makes perfect’?  Well, it holds a bit of truth.  If you want a promotion, you have to work for it.  If you want a 4.0 GPA, you have to study hard.  If you want to win the Pulitzer prize, you have to write well, and writing well requires lots of practice.  So get to work!

6.  Play harder.  Play is just as important as work.  Your mind needs rest in order to digest new information.  Play is also a great way to relieve stress and enjoy yourself.  So have that picnic, take your kids to the park, go to that party, play that PC game you’ve had put away on the shelf, have a movie marathon with your honey. Make a date with yourself for coffee and a trip to your favorite bookstore.  Enjoy your life.

7.  Learn to laugh.  Have a healthy sense of humor.  Don’t take things so seriously.  Learn how to be more light-hearted.  It’s important to be able to laugh at yourself and find humor in life’s situations.  Relax, none of us get out alive anyway, right?

8.  Keep learning.  The more you learn, the more you grow.  With information and education comes opportunities, enlightenment, and the chance to grow intellectually, mentally, and emotionally.  So read an article or a blog that covers a topic you’re interested in, read a good book, go to the library, learn how to do a new hobby.  You will find that learning enriches your life experiences!

9.  Donate.  Your time.  Your old clothes.  Your secondhand books.   Spend time on a charity.  Do something for someone and expect nothing in return.  Help someone in order to help yourself.  There is a certain sense of satisfaction and self worth in the act of doing for others.  Contribute to a cause that will make the world a better place, after all, you live in it too!

10.  Just let it go.  The grudges.  The guilt.  The anger.  The old boyfriend from the seventh grade that you’re still angry at for cheating on you with your ten year old best friend.  When you hold on to old wrong-doings, you’re just continually dragging yourself down needlessly.  The past can’t be undone and oftentimes the person who wronged you is carrying on with their happy lives while you continue to make yourself miserable.  There is a quote that goes something like this “forgiving is letting a prisoner free and realizing that prisoner was you.” Free yourself, once and for all.

11.  Be present.  It’s kind of hard to actually experience the good moments and the great things that happen In your life if your mind is elsewhere.  So pay attention.  Stop worrying so much about tomorrow and learn to enjoy today.  Learn to live in your moments, inhabit them.

12.  Seize the day!  You only live once and there’s only 24 hours in a day.  Stop sitting around waiting for something to happen.  Go out and create something where there once was nothing!  I heard a quote once that only plain, uncreative people get bored.  So find something good to do to fill your time.  Enjoy your life, do something with it….rather it be small things or large!  Have something to show for your time.