Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Shari Jo LeKane-Yentumi- Five Poems

Fall Tenderly

Amidst the soft and muted light they glowed like burning embers,
dancing in the wind around the tombstones, as I recall;
it was an autumn rainbow of red and orange and gold to be remembered.
Fall tenderly like the leaves brushing against the graveyard wall.

You were placing flowers on a grave and you had been crying,
mourning someone very dear, and you looked so very small
in this granite-filled lot of incendiary leaves and so much dying.
Fall tenderly in my arms and make me stand up straight and tall.
When you gently took my arm it was an electric kind of sizzle,
and the rush of your touch made all of my skin crawl;
there were tears in our eyes as they met, and it began to drizzle.
Fall tenderly into the night as the whispering raindrops call.

I don't care about the past, I no longer have misgivings;
I am here for the present, for now, and I am trying to stall,
because life is for us, it is for those who are here and still living.

Fall tenderly into my heart, and promise me your all.

Hail To The Chieftess!

Hail to the Chieftess in her special hour
that marks celebration with dancing and feast!
Call to the Priestess and all higher powers
so mystical forces are tamed and released!

Like the Petoskey whose honeycomb clusters,
you muster the jewel of wisdom from years.
Rocking and rolling, you shine with a luster
through heartache and sunshine, with joy and with tears.

Hail to the Chieftess in all her great glory
and sing special praise to her artistic claim!
Toast to the Hostess, now tell us her story
of mostly accomplishments, honor and fame!

You stroll in the garden of your paradise,
and whisper your felines the magic of love;
then write out your poems just once, maybe twice,
in a mode of perfection that none rise above.

Hail to the Chieftess, our literate mother
and long live her legacy written in stone!
May she prevail in this reign like no other
with spirit eternal when gone flesh and bone!

Pearls of Wisdom

By the pearls of wisdom that passed down to us,
we wear a shared strand of sensibility
that transcends our cultures and placement in time,
uniting our womanhood bond.

Experience teaches us to be the wiser
regarding our choices and priorities.
Whether near or far, home is where the heart is,
and family always comes first.

Through thick and thin we will persevere,
and we forever find the silver lining.
There are no regrets, only sweet reveries,
and schemes of dreams to be fulfilled.

The vistas invite us like open doors,
for new adventures are out there, waiting.
Embracing each moment of friendship with you
is grounded in life-lasting love.

Midnight Affair

Moon flowers bloomed in their translucent glory
against humid darkness. I tasted night air
and inhaled stale dope as you told me your story
with cool reservation. I tried not to stare.

It started as casual conversation,
but music came on and you asked me to dance
to a slow Latin beat, and without hesitation
I followed your lead in a rhythmic romance.

We swayed to the samba that came from your jeep
when you brought my face closer and gave me a kiss.
It lasted as long as the song, and I deeply
relaxed in your bliss. Should the world end like this?

Dawn woke the birds who sang morning's first prayer
and ushered an end to the midnight affair.

After Dark     

As twilight ascends into tender turquoise,
I stare from my window upon yonder park;
it sweetly reminds me of your taste and noise,
and when we first kissed under stars after dark.

You looked in my eyes, I saw passion reflected;
the rush of your touch was electricity
as you brought my face closer and our lips connected,
so perfectly paired in synchronicity.

Now I adore you, so blessed that you're near me;
I give you my love, you give me all your heart.
I wonder if ever you seem to grow weary,
until we're complete after we've been apart.

Rarely in passing we'll share cross remarks,
but then our lips meet when we greet after dark.