Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Letter From The Editor- 'Think Pink' Issue #1

Happy new year, friends and readers!  Welcome to the very first issue of Think Pink.

I’m proud to say that we have a whole lot of wonderful, thought-provoking material from women (and a gentleman) from all walks of life.  You will be moved by the poetic voices and the personal accounts of real life experiences from real people in this January Issue. 

I commend you on reading this issue and for celebrating with me the extraordinary lives of women photographers, writers, and poets.

I’d like to offer a special ‘thank you’ to the contributors of this issue.  It is you, the writers and creators, that have made this independent online magazine a reality.  I appreciate the talent and inspiration you have extended.

We are currently accepting submissions for future issues of Think Pink and invite everyone to contribute (men and women) so long as your work celebrates women and women’s issues in some sense.

May this new year unfold for you all something fantastic and celebratory!

Stacy Lynn Mar
Editor and Founder,
Pink.Girl.Ink. Press