Wednesday, October 1, 2014

How to Find Your Inner Writer (Part 1 of 4 Part Series)

Is The Writing Process For You?

Do you have a journal you keep regularly and are enjoying this process?  Perhaps you’ve taken a few writing courses or workshops and found the idea of writing for a living empowering.  You have discerned that you are quite successful at stringing a few descriptive sentences together, and actually making a bit of since, but you’re still just not sure if this is something you can aspire to as an ongoing means of longevity?   If you are an individual who wants to write for a living, for a hobby, for self-expression in the long run, but are unsure if writing is for you, please read on.

Does writing serve a purpose for you?  What is the meaning you apply to your writing?

Depending on your past experience with the written word, your upbringing, your answers will probably vary from that of others.

For starters, writing is a byproduct of the written language, which is empirical to communication amongst ourselves and each other.  We write to communicate (letters, emails, resumes).  If you are a university or secondary student, maybe good, quality writing is detrimental to your survival as a student.  Maybe you are a poet or a freelance writer, and you are looking to hone in on some new ideas for inspiration for professional pieces and tips on the publication process.

If you are an average writer seeking publication, you’ve probably spent hours upon hours online, searching engines, blogs, lists, forums, and literary sites for means of publication or inspiration.  More than likely, you’ve probably been more disappointed and felt more rejected than anything, and you’ve paused more than once to ask yourself, is this really for me?  Is this really worth it?

Consider the following questions:

1.       Do you enjoy writing, no matter the end result?
2.       Do you aspire to turn your writing into a career, or a business on the side?
3.       Does the prospect of an evening spent alone with notebook and pen make you giddy?
4.      Do you wish to write down important ideas, life events, and memories so as to reserve those moments?
5.      Are you interested in the writing process, in general, and would like to further investigate what this might mean to you in the long run?
6.      Do you indulge in good literature and from time to time pause and think to yourself, ‘if only I could write like this,’ but never quite get around to that writing?
7.      Do you have a hodge-podge of unwritten ideas for stories, poems, memoirs, research papers, etc.?

If you answered ‘yes’ to any of those questions, then this small 4-part series is for you! Rather you’re a discouraged writer ready to give up, a successful freelancer with many publishing deals beneath your belt, or even just a beginner who’d enjoy seeing what there is to discover through your own writing process…these four steps encourage growth and insight which strive to point you in the direction to a greater evolvement as a writer!

The overall objective to the next three steps is to allow you to explore yourself, possible future avenues for your written work, and how to be an overall better writer.  Please follow me into Step 2:  6 Reasons Why It’s Important To Write for even more direction, encouragement, and inspiration!  Here we’ll discuss the great benefits of writing, perhaps even a few you’ve never considered!